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If you travel and you’d like to contribute to my blog, Natives International, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch. I love it when other travelers submit a guest post to my blog! If you have always wanted to share amazing and entertaining stories from your travels to Africa, Australia, South America, Asia…wherever it is, consider sharing with the Natives International community! So, if you’d like to write for my website, don’t hesitate to contact me.

One reason this blog has become such a huge success is help from folks just like you, people who are traveling to far reaches of the Earth and bringing back awesome tales to share. This blog may have started out as a simple way for me to share my photos and adventures with family and friends, but so many people found value in what I was doing that I now accept submissions from guest contributors. Together we have built an amazing online community of souls all sharing a passion for traveling and experiencing the different ways people live life. Whether you are an experienced writer, a natural storyteller or a novice new to web blogging, your work is welcome on Natives International.

Reasons to Contribute — Write and Publish Your Post Here

If You Have a Great Travel Story to Tell

Maybe something amazing happened to you on an African safari. Maybe you got lost in the Amazon rainforest for a few months. Maybe you went on a three-hour cruise and spent several years on a deserted Pacific island. Whatever it was, I want to hear about it, so please consider sharing an article! On the road, you are constantly meeting people and sharing experiences with one another. I like to think of our blog community as a virtual trip, where each article is like bumping into a stranger or another fellow traveler and swapping stories. Everyone learns from everyone else and that’s what makes this community so amazing!

If You Have a Piece of Advice You Think Our Community Would Benefit From

Perhaps you have the most awesome travel camera setup ever. Have you learned a secret to getting great rates at hotels and resorts? Do you have a quick and easy way to become comfortable with different currencies and the cost of things overseas? Please share with our community! The best advice comes from the folks who do it; people who travel aboard often like I do are bastions of great information, tips, and tricks for how to pull it off. I’m learning something new every day and I’m sure you will too.

If You Are an Experienced Travel Blogger

If you write a travel blog now, consider writing a guest post for our community. Experienced writers and travelers are always the first out of the gate with great ideas that can help expand Natives International, to help the community here broaden our horizons with new information. There are some amazing travel blogs out there, and this is the perfect way for our readers to find new sites they’ll visit as often as they visit Natives International. If you have an article you’d like to share on this blog, please submit using the form below!

If You Are New to Online Publishing and Want to Try It Out

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write more, to share your stories online and to start an online travel blog. This may be the perfect opportunity to try out something new. Blogging isn’t hard, especially if you have a great story to tell. The biggest challenge is to get into the habit of writing down your stories. I personally find that if I don’t get my ideas down on paper (or into the computer!) they are lost forever. So, try to get your stories written down when they happen so that you can polish them later and share your experiences with the world! Send me your stories, or your ideas for articles, and I’ll help introduce you to the world of online web blogging.

The Process of Becoming a Contributor

The steps to submitting an article couldn’t be easier! First off, contact me with your idea for a guest post. If you’ve already written the post, that’s okay too, contact me and provide a copy or a link to the article. I review all submissions, but don’t worry! I am not trying to be exclusive or only for professional writers. I review the articles solely to ensure that the topic is relevant and adds value to the Natives International community.

Our blogging community here on Natives International is the perfect place to share your adventure yarns. Check out the list of topics below and article suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Topics to Write About

Natives International is always looking for articles on the following topics:

  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Medicine
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Outdoors
  • Transport
  • Travel Destinations
  • Travel News
  • Wild Nature

Some Examples of Articles That Would Be Perfect Fits for Our Website

Here are just a few ideas for articles that I’d love to host. Feel free to write on one of these or just use this list to spur your creativity. And don’t feel like you are limited to these topics either! I accept any well-written article about international travel or native peoples. You can submit first-person narratives, top 10 lists, how to articles…the list goes on and on!

Some topics to think about:

  • 5 Native Tribes That Are Welcoming to Visiting Travelers
  • 10 Tips to Help a Traveler Fit in in Rural Countries
  • 5 Ways to Secure the Best Hotel Rates
  • Best Airline Frequent Flyer Program Hacks
  • 10 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling Aboard
  • My Favorite Trip So Far Has Been…
  • My Worst Experience Overseas So Far Has Been…
  • I’ve Always Wanted to Visit ___ Because…

You can reach me through this contact form. I look forward to reading about your travels!