07 Feb

How to Turn Your Travel Accommodation Business from Zero to Hero

Travelers judge a destination by the kind of hotels available there. If you are a hotel owner or run a bed and breakfast service for travelers, pay attention to this article.

Most hotels and travel accommodations are struggling to maintain profits these days. They have to offer huge discounts to attract customers and often have to compete with several other businesses in their local area. Customers have also become very savvy and the cheapest hotels online almost always get the most bookings.

In such conditions, how can it be possible to run a hotel business and make some progress too? Here is our handy guide that will help you in turning your travel accommodation business from zero to hero.

Survey your property

Take a look around your property. Is the paint chipping off the walls? Do you find any places where you have scope for improvement? Is the bathroom looking good and functioning well?

Check the mattresses and furniture. Does anything need renovation? Go outside the hotel and check if the space looks good enough. If you have a lawn or garden, check if it is aesthetically pleasing or not.

You can also check online reviews of your property. What are the people saying about you? Did they mention something about your hotel that can be improved?

Gather all your data and plan to invest in your business a little more. Rearrange the rooms, invest in better quality mattresses and paint the walls in beautiful neutral tones. This can instantly revamp your property’s aesthetics.

Note that most hotels are online now and you people like to look at several pictures of the room. Make them believe that you are serious about providing them a good stay.

Train your staff

A pleasing property is important, but good service is even more important. Train your staff to be courteous to guests. If you search through the customer reviews of hotels, you will find many people offended by the staff.

They may praise the rooms, but lower their ratings because the staff was either unhelpful or indifferent to their issues. Always remember, a traveler is new to your city. They are not expected to know everything. They are paying you for a comfortable stay.

Train your staff to smile at guests and treat them like they are visiting your home. Help them with things and try to solve their problems. Ideally, you should do whatever possible to help your guests and NOT expect a reward or extra payment in return.

When guests are treated well, they always leave great reviews and encourage people to visit your hotel. They will also come back more often and help you create a better brand image, online and offline.

Though it sounds like you only have to do two things to revamp your property and its image, it is composed of several tasks. Start taking small steps in enhancing the experience guests receive at your hotel and you will stand a great chance to be remembered by people forever.