14 Jan

The Only Travel Apps You Ever Need in the UK

If you are travelling anywhere in the UK, you should prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime. The beautiful castles, spectacularly beautiful countryside and a composite culture of food and lifestyle can drive any traveler here, time and again.

Whether you are a UK resident or a foreign citizen amazed by the beauty of its beautiful terrain and culture, you could always use a smartphone app to navigate around. A plethora of applications, consistently developed and upgraded, can help you get the best British experience you can ask for.

Want to know which apps make your travel even better? Check out our list of the only travel apps you will ever need while in the UK.

Google Maps

Travelers frequently get lost in the cities. It could be difficult to understand how a city is planned when you are new. The street names, destination names and the routes could appear very confusing to a traveler. Don’t worry, as long as you have Google Maps by your side.

This nifty little app from Google helps you get direction to almost any place from anywhere on Earth. You could get to see several routes that you take you to your destination. Tells you the estimated travel times and even guides you while driving or walking around.

Google Maps also comes with live traffic updates. If you ever take a wrong turn, it will propose an alternative route to the destination immediately. This app always comes in handy, even if you are travelling from home to work.

Journey Pro

Travelling to London? Don’t leave home without Journey Pro on your phone. This little app will help you navigate all the transport options in the city in an instant. It is especially helpful for navigating the London Underground network.

You will get up-to-date information about each line and will get several journey options as well. You can even get to know which carriage will help you reach your destination the fastest. You could search for bus routes, as they usually quicker and help in navigation faster.

Just feed your starting point and destination, or write the two postcodes and you will get the fastest and most feasible ways to reach your destination.


Tired of the old hotel experience? Try Airbnb. It is perfect for travelers who want a newer, fresher and more intimate into a destination’s life. You could even socialize and network with your hosts and learn everything possible about a destination from the locals.

The good thing about Airbnb is that it helps you in making friends. If you are staying at a place for more than a weekend, stay in an Airbnb. It could be cheaper and give you a completely new experience of a place.


Finding the right flight could be very difficult. You have to go through several websites and find the most convenient times and the cheapest prices. Skyscanner does it all for you. You get tons of filter on this app so you can find the best flights, with the right stopovers and the right time. All this, with the cheapest available prices.

These apps will make your UK journey more enjoyable and fun, while saving lots of money and time. Don’t wait anymore and plan an itinerary today.