02 Apr

Top Four Destinations in the World to Travel on a Budget

Exploring the world is something which all of us human beings have a secret passion for. After all, we have always been natural explorers. That said, travelling around the world hasn’t been easy. It took quite a lot of time, money and resources to explore new places and fulfil the wanderlust which comes naturally to all of us, until now. With the advent of technology, hoping countries has become an achievable dream for many of us. The time it takes to travel has shortened dramatically, various websites like TripHobo made it insanely easy to research on new destinations around the world, and earning money while travelling is now easier than ever. Also, there are a ton of beautiful destinations where budget travellers can enjoy a beautiful vacation. Here are fourof such destinations where you can head to, if you are planning to explore the world on a budget.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Europe has been one of the most expensive places to travel for ages. But the beautiful city of Barcelona is one destination where you can head to if you want to experience a piece of Europe without breaking the bank. Prices of flight tickets have been down by early 20% in the first half of 2018, and that is why it is one of the best places to explore on a budget right now. This cosmopolitan city is home to a ton of museums, beautiful architectures and wonderful beaches. The bustling art scene of this beautiful city will surely blow away any art enthusiast. If you are young and eccentric, you can enjoy some of the best nightlife you can enjoy in Europe. The wonderful cuisine of Spain also makes it a must-visit for foodies.

  1. Zagreb, Croatia

The Eastern European country of Croatia is popular among travellers for its long coastline and a huge number of beautiful islands. However, despite being the capital and the largest city in the country, Zagreb doesn’t receive a lot of attention from the travellers, which made it a really great place to travel on a budget. The wonderful Austro-Hungarian architectures and the mountains surrounding the city will surely take your breath away. The city is full of art, culture, music and gastronomic experiences, which will surely make your visit memorable.

  1. Fiji

Made of more than 330 islands, Fiji is a great country to travel to if you want an exotic island getaway on a budget. Considered as a backpackers’ paradise, the islands of this country are filled with affordable hostels, guesthouses and cheap restaurants. The picturesque beaches are perfect for enjoying some leisurely moments and the crystal-clear, beautiful water is perfect for taking a relaxing dip.

  1. Houston, USA

The city of Houston has recently become really popular among tourists, and there are many good reasons for it. It is one of the most diverse countries you can find in the U.S.,but tourists used to refrain from visiting Houston due to the reputation of the city. This, in turn, made the city really cheap to travel to. The situation is completely different now, and you can plan a really safe vacation in Houston on a really low budget. The city offers some of the most exciting food scenes you can ever experience, and the art scene of the city is also glorious.