24 Jul

What Can You Do About Food Right Now

Are you tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle? Do you want to be healthier, smarter and fitter? There are two things that you can do to get a healthy life. First, start exercising. It will bring your body to its healthiest state possible. You will start using your muscles and burning fat, while bringing a better definition to your shape.

Second, you need to change your food. Without good food habits, exercise will not bring you the right benefits. It changes your body from the inside out. If healthier skin, better digestion, better skin and more energy are your goals, change your food habits. Here are a few simple but important things you can do to change your food and live a longer, healthier life.

No junk, not even a bite

Cheeseburgers are so delicious, aren’t they? Save them for your monthly cheat days. You will never be healthy if you eat them every day. Fries, pizzas and other burgers and junk food are not for healthy people.

You need to start making a distinction between healthy food and delicious food. You can’t just keep eating because you ‘want to’. You should eat because you ‘have to’. The appeal of junk food lies in their easy availability.

Make a fixed time-table for eating. Eat a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Couple this routine with 1 or two healthy snacks in between and you will always live a healthy life. Don’t keep munching all day. This age-old routine will keep you full all-day. You will not crave for food and hence, avoid eating whatever junk is available.

Drink only water

You don’t drink water because it doesn’t taste good? You could not have done your health any worse. Soda or carbonated drinks do not quench thirst. Always carry a water bottle wherever you go. This will encourage you to drink more water.

Adults need anywhere between 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day. If you don’t drink this required amount, you could end up dehydrated. This will make you feel confused and dizzy. Your physical energy will also be low. Also, your kidney function will get impaired over time.

If the taste of water isn’t good, then drink fruit infused water. It tastes good and provides you essential nutrients as well.

Buy fresh, make fresh

Always make sure that you buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Go to a farmer’s market every week and buy only fresh produce. Avoid using canned products. If you can’t prepare it at home, don’t eat it. This is a drastic step and some of you may have a hard time following it. The truth is that it is the simplest way to get great health.

Do yourself a favor and take these steps. You will be surprised at how your energy levels go up and you start feeling smarter and more focused. This is not generic health advice, nor it is rocket science. It is just what diet specialists and doctors around the world are telling people. Follow it, or you may have to seek medical attention for ill-health soon.