07 Aug

Clear and Unbiased Facts about Nature (Without All the Hype)

Nature is a blessing to humans, and every species on planet Earth. It helps us thrive, provides for our needs and is probably the only reason why we exist.

The rate at which we are destroying our natural habitat is alarming. Maybe this is because we haven’t understood nature completely or haven’t spent enough time in the wild to appreciate her.

Today, let’s talk about a few clear and unbiased facts about nature that will help you appreciate it a little more.

Nature is the only difference between us and Venus

Venus and Earth are similar in many ways. Both are almost the same size and scientists assume that Venus could have started out like us only. However, it had a lot of carbon dioxide suspended in the atmosphere. It created a greenhouse effect on the planet, equivalent to global warming here on Earth.

Back home, we are safer because most of the carbon on our planet is a part of land or trees or organisms. If our land and trees did not hold carbon, we would have met the same fate as Venus.

But we are quickly moving to a bleak future

Every year, we release more than 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This happens mostly by burning fossil fuels. This is creating a greenhouse effect on our planet as well. As a result of this, our planet is getting hotter each year and seasons are shifting rapidly.

If we continue to release this much of carbon into the atmosphere, Earth will not be able to sustain life any longer. The only refuge we had is trees. However, rainforests around the world, which acted as the Earth’s lungs, are now being destroyed. Therefore, there are lesser trees to hold the carbon and more carbon emission. This creates imbalance in the atmosphere, leading to climate change.

Our resources are limited

Planet Earth will eventually run out of resources to sustain human life. World’s freshwater resources are being quickly depleted and polluted at the same time. Our oxygen content is also suffering as there is too much carbon in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels of the world will eventually be exhausted.

Therefore, we have to look forward to finding many new sources of energy. Fortunately, we have powerful winds and a steady supply of solar energy. Solar energy is clean, doesn’t pollute the environment and provides a renewable source of energy that will power several generations.

Though initial costs of solar energy plants are very high, if we collectively focus on developing clean energy, the costs can come down. Solar energy could become free for all of us, providing an endless source of energy that never exhausts.

There is so much more that can be said and learnt about the Earth that one post will never be enough. For now, we must only understand that the Earth is our only home. To know more about the impact of its good health, visit a splendid beachside or a mountain. You will know what we are talking about.