18 May

5 Tips for Traveling Alone

There are many different reasons to travel alone—you may be going somewhere on business or you simply are electing to travel without a companion. Rather than being intimidated about exploring your destination and choosing to stay inside your hotel room, there are plenty of things that a solo traveler can enjoy and see on their own. Traveling alone requires a dose of confidence, which you can easily get with some solo traveling tips.

Here are five tips for traveling alone:

  1. Share Your Travel Itinerary With Friends and Family

You should always let someone know your travel plans—what flight/bus/train you’ll be taking, where you’ll be staying, and what sightseeing locations you’ll be visiting. That way if something were to happen, your friends and family will know how to locate you if necessary.

  1. Carry a List of Your Emergency Contacts

As another rule of precaution, you should travel with an easily accessible list of your emergency contacts. These contacts can include your family, friends, credit card company, your home security provider (such as ADT home security), local embassy details, and any other number you may potentially need in a crisis.

Likewise, if something were to happen to you, having an emergency contact list will help those around you. They will know whom they should contact in the event of a medical emergency. Make sure your list contains your own personal information, such as whom you are and where you are from.

  1. Avoid Single Supplement Accommodation Fees

A single supplement fee pertains to certain accommodations (i.e.: hotels and cruise lines) that normally host two people to a room. So if you are traveling alone, try to avoid booking a place that will charge extra for a single occupant. Fees will be disclosed upfront before you book the room; however, you should ask if you are uncertain of their policies.

  1. Stay Somewhere With Positive Reviews

This one is a good tip for any traveler—not just those who are traveling alone. Always do your homework and check out the ratings of a hotel or rental property before you book your stay. Make sure reviews are pretty consistent. If you find any negative reviews, see what they are for and consider whether or not you find that to be a real issue.

  1. Don’t Be Intimidated to Eat Alone

Eating is typically a social activity, so when you find yourself with no one to converse with on the other end of the table, it can be intimidating. One thing you can do is to sit at the bar and take your meal there. It’s the perfect place to strike up a conversation with fellow patrons sitting near you. You can also strike up a conversation with the bartender—especially if he or she is having a slow night.