31 May

5 Different Sources of Food for Vegetarians

More people around the world are adopting the vegetarian lifestyle. It helps in moving away from animal products laden with several hormones. A vegetarian meal is often healthier. It is also not as calorie dense as meat products.

If you are trying to lose weight, the no-meat lifestyle will suit you. Now, even bodybuilders are becoming vegetarians and vegans, without losing their muscle definition. If you are adopting this lifestyle, check out these five major sources of food that you will depend on.

Veggies (obviously)

Of course, veggies will be a mainstay in your diet now. So, make sure that you add plenty of them. We suggest you visit a local farmer’s market and get a week of fresh produce from them. Go for organic produce whenever you can.

This will help in keeping you healthier. Broccoli could actually be your favorite veggie from now on. It is loaded with proteins and several essential vitamins. Don’t forget cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, spring onions, green leafy vegetables, different types of gourds and okra. You will be surprised how many tasty meals can be cooked with these veggies.


Fruits are nature’s most beautiful gifts to humans. They are delicious, rich in several nutrients and add a variety of mouth-watering salads and snacks to your diet. Citrus fruits are always a favorite. The good thing is that you can use them to make fruit infused water with them as well. Apples and bananas are more versatile fruits of the bunch. And who can forget everyone’s favorite- Avocado.


Your need for carbohydrates can be fulfilled by adding numerous grains to the diet. Wheat and rice are the perfect choices for you. Opt only for whole wheat food. You can make a variety of veg pastas. Nothing beats a mac ‘n’ cheese, even if you have it for dinner.

You can eat brown rice and white rice as well. Rice dishes are often easier to cook and even easier to digest. They can fill you up easily and when cooked with veggies, they taste delicious too.


Red beans, chickpeas and black gram could become your go-to sources of protein. Though they are not sources of dense protein, they are great substitutes for vegetarians. They taste great and can be paired with several rice dishes for a lip-smacking treat.

Milk products/soy products

Depending on your preference, you will find milk and soy products fulfilling your demand for nutritious, filling and delicious foods. If you use milk products, cottage cheese will add taste and a great source of protein to your diet. Tofu is another great alternative. You can cook almost anything with these two, add to stir fries or even mix with rice dishes.

A vegetarian meal is by no means inferior to non-vegetarian meals. However, they are designed differently. They contain all essential nutrients that your body needs. Make sure that you care for nutritional deficiencies before adopting a vegetarian diet, especially for protein. Once you have protein sorted out, rest will be an easy journey.