14 Jun

5 Must-See Locations for Any Techie in Abbotsford

Abbotsford, British Columbia is an easily accessible Canadian town just north of the border. A mere 3 hours from Seattle, Washington, and is a growing community of young people who move there for the affordable housing and opportunities. It can easily be reached by car, or you can use sites like Expedia to search for Abbotsford flights and arrive in the nearby airport.

This quaint but growing city may not seem like the ultimate techie playground, but there are a few sites you must see when visiting Abbotsford. Besides these, there are several more attractions nearby that might fit your fancy, and you can find out more by visiting Hello BC.

Old Hand Coffee

You’re going to need to start your day somewhere, and Old Hand Coffee is one of the best in North America, let alone Abbotsford. Along with great coffee, they also have fantastic Dutch pastries for breakfast and delicious sandwiches for lunch.

Whether you start your day early or late, want a quick pastry snack in the afternoon, or just need a midday pick me up, Old Hand Coffee will keep you moving throughout the day. This is a favorite spot for locals as well, so take the time to meet some of the natives.


For the hidden curiosity seeker in everyone, there is the EcoDairy. One of the first demonstration farms in Canada, this is a great place for adults and kids alike to find out how a real dairy works, and where all that milk comes from.

While you are there, you can try your hand at milking a cow and watch them brush themselves at the automated rotating brush. If you want to, you can even shovel manure, and turn it into a feat of strength competition.

Sikh Gurdwara

A true history buff must-see, it is perhaps the only surviving Sikh temple in North America and the only Gurdwara from the pioneer phase of the Sikh immigration to Canada. Built in 1911, architecturally, it is an adaptation of traditional Sikh forms to Canadian conditions which nevertheless embodies the fundamental beliefs of Sikhs and their early experience as immigrants in Canada.

A Canadian National Historic site, this is one place that any visitor to Abbotsford should not miss.

Vanishing Heritage Studio

An out of the way attraction, Diana Ponting’s art studio is really a must stop. You are welcome to just pop in or make an appointment when planning your visit. From simple still-life paintings to more complex works, the artist captures beauty in the contrast of the simplest things.

You are sure to experience a visual awakening and develop a new appreciation and understanding of Canadian art. There are always paintings for sale, along with Diana’s book, 99 Paintings on the Wall.

Field House Brewing

At the end of your travel day, you are going to want to sit down for a few cold ones, and while there are several breweries in Abbotsford, you should start at Field House. With both a tasting room and a tasting lawn, you can sample some really great and unique brews. A favorite is the Whiskey and Oak Imperial Coffee Brown.

Wherever you choose to start your beer hopping in this astounding town, don’t skip Field House, a great place to get some sunshine and get to know the locals along with their beers.

Remember, you should share your travels with your friends. You can do this through travel blogging, and even by taking video as well as photos while you are traveling. While a picture says a thousand words, video and travel go hand in hand, and you should use them together whenever possible to record your journey.


Whatever the reason you are traveling to Abbotsford, whether for business, pleasure, or an extended vacation getaway, don’t miss these five attractions. You won’t regret the time spent at any one of them.

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