08 Dec

3 Things That Will Drastically Improve Your Road Trips

For relatively cheap travel, many people default to the classic road trip. However, spending hours in the car can get really old really quickly. Luckily, in our modern age, there’s a large amount of technology and advancements that can make the average road trip much more enjoyable for everyone in the car. So to help you upgrade your next big road trip, here are three things that will drastically improve your coming road trips, no matter how long you’ll be spending in the car.

Tablet Headrest Mount

One great way to pass the time when on a road trip, especially through the boring parts of your trip, is to watching something on a tablet. However, holding a tablet in your lap or in front of your face can get tiring after a while, not to mention it being difficult to share the screen with your fellow passengers. To make all of these problems disappear, Makula Dunbar, a contributor to TechCrunch, suggests getting a headrest mount for your tablet that has an extendable arm. By doing this, you no longer have to hold your tablet or have it solely on one side of the car. Simply mount the headrest holder, put your tablet into it, and extended the arm to wherever is going to be most comfortable for you and your road trip buddies.

A Smart Cooler

To save even more money a road trip, many people find themselves packing food to take along with them. And because the average human can only survive for so long eating chips and candy, it’s a good idea to bring a cooler along with you so you can keep some more substantial food on you. But while regular coolers get the job done most of the time, Don Melanson, a contributor to Popular Mechanics, shares that you can upgrade to a smart cooler, which can control the temperature of your cooler much more accurately. And, in addition to keeping your food cold, you can also use a smart cooler to keep foods hot, if that’s what you need.

Power Splitters

With all this technology that you’re going to be using to keep everyone entertained along the way, it’s important that you have the means by which to charge everyone’s devices when they start running low on battery life. To help with this, Jeremy Laukkonen, a contributor to LifeWire.com, advises that you get a power splitter that you can plug into your cigarette lighter or other charging stations your car might be equipped with. This will allow you to charge more devices at the same time, keeping everyone happy.

If you want to take your road trips to the next level, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.